My quest for the perfect desk setup

In august 2016, I found exactly the position I was looking for as a remote front-end developer at with an amazing team working on a great product!

I already worked from home before, trying to improve my desk overtime. But this new job pushed me to go further and move to a standing desk! My goal was to be as confortable as possible at home but also while commuting or working from a coworking space, which means having everything ready to go get the next train if I need to.

Here is the list of furnitures, tools and equipments I use everyday!

Standing-Desk Bekant by IKEA

A while back I had to work standing for medical reasons. I got used to it, and missed the vertical position after that, especially in the morning and after lunch. I decided to go all-in and buy a standing desk. I never use the handle to change the height anymore, it is always at the highest level.

The Level by Fluidstance

A board to stand on and keep your body moving!

Cubic storage

Placed under the desk, it is very useful to rest one foot at a time.

High stool

When I get tired of standing I use this high stool to rest. Also useful during meetings when the standing position is the hardest to keep.

Desk Lamp FORSÅ by IKEA

It gives a nice industrial touch to the whole setup :)

MacBook vertical dock by Henge Dock

This dock is very useful: after an initial setup with the wires, you only need to slide your MacBook in and it automatically gets connected to your screen, network, USB cable and power plug! Need to catch a train: slide the laptop out of the dock, in the bag and you are ready to go!

UltraSharp 34" screen by Dell

Perfect to be confortable while coding, and more ergonomic than two screens.

Magic Keyboard by Apple

Once your laptop is in the dock, you need an extra keyboard!

Magic Mouse by Apple

I really like this mouse, even though an expert would probably find it a lot of flaws.

Trackpad by Apple

When you work as a front-end developer, you often need to zoom-in or out on a design. A trackpad is more accurate and useful than a mouse.

Webcam HD by Logitech

Just like the keyboard, once your laptop is in the dock, you need an extra webcam!

Powerline Ethernet Plugs

These devices allow you to have a good and stable Internet connection from your home box in the living room all the way to your desk, using the powerline.

Cable sleeves from Amazon

You can use cable sleeves to hide and join all your cables together (screen power cable, webcam USB cable, desk lamp power cable…).

Cable box from Amazon

And you can use a cable box to hide your power strip under the desk.

MacBook skin by GelaSkins

Because there were some colors missing from the picture, isn’t it?

Blue DONJON used denim bag by Kastel Bag

This is the perfect laptop bag, hanging from my standing desk, hooked on a custom made hook, ready to go at any time! Inside you can find an extra MacBook powerplug, and extra USB cables.


All this technology but something is missing: some nature and poetry. An ecosphere is a closed ecosystem, created by NASA, made of three shrimps, a small plant and some rocks. The shrimps can live several years inside that bowl! Mine are one year old and still rockin’ it.

Offscreen mag

The latest issue from Offscreen mag is always a good read about design, web & entrepreneurship!

Remote work is awesome

What is your perfect desk? Do you have any suggestion to improve my own?



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Bastien Siebman

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